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icons on many and various subjects and fandoms

I made this place so that I can keep all my icons in one spot, thus making it easier both for myself and others to find them all.

Please note: making icons is simply a very amateur hobby of mine. I am no expert, have much to learn and, frankly, could rattle off umpteen people who are far, far better at this than I am. My stuff is basic, and not just because I like my icons fairly simple. I am slowly learning and (just as slowly) improving, but you have been warned. :P

I use GIMP, simply because there was no way I was shelling out on Photoshop just to muck about making icons. GIMP is free to download and you can do a heck of a lot with it, even if it isn't quite as swanky and capable as Photoshop.

I tag everything and have all tags listed in the sidebar so you can easily see what topics and subjects I have done before and track them down. I also add the main subjects of my icons to the interests list. Posts are also added to memories.

My personal LJ: boz4pm
My DeviantART favourites: click


My 'rules' are simple:

- Comments and credit are NEVER obligatory. They are, however, much appreciated and warmly welcomed. You can credit either boz4pm or bozicons. :)

- Do NOT hotlink. Just right click on any icon you want, 'save as' and then upload the icons to wherever you want to host them. There are umpteen free places out there that are easy to use - such as Photobucket and Villagephotos.

- Feel free to use textless icons as bases. Add text to them, stamp brushes all over them - do what you like, and no credit needed. Heck, all I did was crop the things, add a few layers and/or brushes and fiddle with them a bit. That said, if ever you use an icon you snagged from here and do stuff to it, I'd love to see the result - feel free to dump it in a comment and show it off. :D

- Friend away if you would like to do so. :)


Icon resources: pstogimpbrushes, gimpbrushes

Credit for brushes: ownthesunshine, sir, rainharbour, bibliophile1887, sapphire_knight, neke, acme_graphics, Project-GimpBC on DevART who mainly converts PS brushes to GIMP, redheadstock on DevART (brushes converted by Project-GimpBC).

Useful links & resources:
- fabulous free fonts from scrapvillage
- best collection of LOTR screencaps online I've yet found
- fantastically comprehensive collection of screencaps for every episode of SG-1 and SGA, plus a few extras